The Land Before Time


Action / Adventure / Animation / Drama / Family / Fantasy

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Diana Ross as The Balladeer
Frank Welker as Spike / The Sharptooth / Domeheads Gang
Gabriel Damon as Littlefoot
Bill Erwin as Grandfather
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Cylex 10 / 10

Don's Best - Endearing Cast,Exquisite Animation

I've adored this film ever since I first saw it at the cinema in '88. Sweet Littlefoot, Bold Cera, Chatty Ducky, Timid Petrie & Greedy Spike are the cutest dinosaurs ever. Anyone unmoved by their adventures must have a heart of stone. The animation is superb and so is the soundtrack. Each dinosaur has a distinctive personality and you laugh and cry with them throughout. I only wish the film had been longer. The sequels are cute but it is the original that has the most heart. 10/10

Reviewed by Growlyted 10 / 10

A great story which has been bastardised with pointless sequels.

Five adorable baby dinosaurs set out on a heartwarming adventure to find their lost families. I fell in love with this at the cinema & I feel it deserves its success in the video market. I own every one but this is by far the best. Each character, determined Littlefoot, obstinate Cera, cheerful Ducky, timid Petrie & ever hungry Spike, is a delight. The story contains laughter, tears, hope & excitement. It is beautifully scored. The end title song, If We Hold On Together, is delightful too. The artwork is cute & full of detail. Don Bluth is a master. The voice casting is perfect. An absolute treasure. 10/10 *****

Reviewed by Bon_Jovi_chick 10 / 10

Another timeless piece of that good old Don Bluth magic

What do you get when you cross a bunch of dinosurs and Don Bluth?? Answer: this memorable classic!!!

My mum bought me this film when I was 5 or 6 years and I loved it. 13 years on and my mind hasnt changed. I was watching it this morning and there was still that Bluth magic.

In case you dont know, the film is about 5 dinosaurs- a "long neck", a "three horn", a "big mouth", a "flyer" and a "spike tail". Theyre travelling to the Great Valley whilst trying to fight off Sharp tooth.

What makes this film a classic is the way things are named. Its educational to kids on dinosaurs and is done in a childish way. Its brilliant!!!! There are lessons to be learn with friendships.

The sequels dont match up to it but what do you expect?? They werent done by Bluth!!!!

Bluth may not have done as many animation as Disney but each of his films have shown something that Disney cannot do.

Definelty one to own and keep on watching until the end of time!!!!

Helen xxxxx

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