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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kevin_crighton ([email protected]) 4 / 10

Good performances, but predictable plot twists.

Jonathan McQuarry, is an accountant who strikes up a friendship with a lawyer called Wyatt Bose. After accidentally swapping phones, McQuarry starts getting calls from women who are part of a group of people who meet purely for casual sexual encounters. During one of these, McQuarry meets a blonde woman whom he becomes close to. When he's attacked and she disappears, he discovers more going on than he realized....

From the above plot description some people can figure out where the story is heading. I for one did. It's a sad fact that the script written by Mark Bomback holds no surprises at all. It also doesn't help that there are plot holes that aren't explained or dealt with. The direction by Marcel Langenegger is okay, but he doesn't add any tension into the movie.

What does save the movie are the three main performances. Michelle Williams is suitably enigmatic as the girl involved, Hugh Jackman as Wyatt Bose brings charm and charisma to the part, and Ewan McGregor as Jonathan McQuarry convinces as the straight, lonely accountant seduced into the events played out.

However the performances alone can't save the movie from being a disappointing, predictable thriller.

Reviewed by Kristine ([email protected]) 7 / 10

"Are you free tonite? Wanna see a sexy and erotic thriller that will leave you with goosebumps?"

When I first saw the trailer to Deception, I was intrigued, but a little put off, we haven't had a thriller release in theaters that was actually good in a while, let alone a sexy thriller. But I saw Deception on Sunday and I think the rating on IMDb is a little harsh to be honest, this was such a cool, sexy, and sleek thriller, true, it was a little predictable if you've seen every thriller possible, but Deception kept me interested and had a good story with an equally strong cast. I was a little disappointed in the ending, it seemed like they could've had something a little stronger with Hugh and Ewan, like they would've been a great pair of trouble makers for the world to watch out for. But it was also cool to see the female fetal back, which we rarely see, and Michelle Williams was a great choice, she had the looks and the talent to pull this movie together with the two strong male leads.

Jonathan is an accountant, one of the best, but his life is just what you expect of an accountant: boring, typical, and no ladies, but he meets Wyatt, a handsome, strong, successful lady's man, they become best friends immediately. When Jonathan accidentally grabs Wyatt's cell phone, Wyatt is in a different country, so Jonathan uses the cell and gets involved with a sex club. He meets S, a mysterious girl he just falls for, but when she is "kidnapped", he gets in a lot deeper than he expects and doesn't realize the set up he fell for.

Deception is predictable in some ways, the ending, if you are used to these thrillers, yes, you're going to be able to see what's coming, sad, I know, but I'm so used to it that I'm just accepting it. I thought this was still a clever thriller, I just loved Hugh's performance, he was so into his character, he made it sexy and creepy. Ewan pulls in a decent performance and stands strong, the ending is his peek in the film and Michelle was just great as S. Deception is a cool thriller I highly recommend, it's a sexy movie that won't leave you disappointed.


Reviewed by kosmasp 3 / 10

Erotic? Thriller? Suspense? Where?

Is this the first thriller you have ever watched? Then you might be entertained a bit. If you have watched a few, you will not only see every twist and plot point coming before the screen writer had thought of it, but you will be able to guess the ending too ... Well actually you might be better off, watching the trailer, because there is not really anything good in the movie other than that. Because, erotic this one ain't. Not even suspenseful or anything like that ...

What is a saving grace then? Well if you will the actors. Although they are pretty stiff here too. But they have that B-movie appeal to them, a bit trashy actually. The so called "erotic" Scenes are only worth mentioning, for being anything, but that or even sensual! Although the montage is so trashy, that it's actually a bit fun (in a trashy way). The ending alone deserves a 2 out of 10 vote ... that is if you aren't actually too harsh towards it! Rather watch "Basic Instinct" again, if you want an erotic thriller ... heck even the second Basic Instinct has something going for it (if you count the trash factor in!). Anyway, just in case I wasn't clear enough: I wouldn't recommend watching this

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