Death Spa


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 89%
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Chelsea Field as Darla
Brenda Bakke as Laura Danvers
Vanessa Bell Calloway as Marci Hewitt
Merritt Butrick as David Avery
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tikkin 5 / 10

Gets fun towards the end

After reading the glowing reviews for this film I had to seek it out, especially as it's been compared to Aerobicide (Killer Workout). However I found that Death Spa was not as good, despite the fact that there's more gore.

The plot to Death Spa is a bit muddled and I found it hard to follow to start with. It seemed to be about a mans dead wife who was coming back to haunt him, causing deaths at the spa. There are some nice scenes such as when the naked girls are showering and bits of glass fly at them. And there's the scene where the guys ribs split open. The thing is, the deaths are not quite as 'gory' as some reviewers here would have you believe (at least on the Witch Bitch VHS I saw). The best scenes are at the end when all the mayhem occurs. The highlight is the frozen fish death scene that many have mentioned, which is hilariously cheesy. There's plenty of naked breasts too if that's your sort of thing.

Overall, Death Spa is fairly good but not amazing. The frozen fish scene is priceless. If you liked Death Spa you may also like Killer Workout, which I personally think is much better.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 7 / 10

Get fit or die trying.

In Death Spa's title sequence, director Michael Fischa guides his camera slowly towards the entrance of the Star Body Health Spa as an electrical storm rages on the horizon; suddenly, lightning strikes the building, knocking out some of the letters on its neon sign to reveal the title of the film. The camera then continues to glide through the doorway, as the spa's staff prepare to leave for the night; lights are switched off one-by-one, and the foyer is slowly plunged into darkness...

It's a promising start and one which proves that director Michael Fischa has a keen visual sense, which makes it all the more disappointing when the film quickly slips into mundane murder/mystery mode and threatens to stay there for the rest of its running time.

The film's plot sees a series of suspicious 'accidents' occurring at the high-tech, computer-controlled spa owned by widower Michael Evans (William Bumiller), whose wife Catherine (Shari Shattuck) committed suicide following the death of their child. Could Catherine's embittered brother David (Merritt Butrick), creator of the spa's advanced computer system, be behind the bizarre mishaps? Does anyone else have reason to see Michael's business fail? Or are the accidents the work of a malevolent supernatural force?

Thankfully, despite this rather cheesy 'whodunnit'-style narrative, which sees a pair of useless cops assisting Michael in solving the mystery, Fischa manages to keep things interesting through the inclusion of plenty of nudity (the spa is a haven for busty babes and hard-bodied hotties), a few enjoyably crap 80s Flashdance-inspired aerobics scenes, some inventive deaths, and a bit of fun hokum involving a parapsychologist.

And then, as the film enters its final act, everything goes completely nuts...

It is revealed that David has been possessed by the spirit of his sister Catherine, who wants Michael to die so that they can be together in the afterlife. At a Mardi Gras party, being held at the spa, the possessed David kidnaps Michael's squeeze Laura (Brenda Bakke) and tries to kill her by frying her under a sunbed. Meanwhile, lots of other people die in a variety of entertaining and bloody ways: wood panelling from a sauna room shoots through one guy's head, spilling his brains everywhere; a girl has her arm removed by a food blender; the policeman has his throat torn open by a frozen fish (I kid you not!); and an exploding mirror leaves one poor woman a mess of bloody pieces scattered all over the floor!

This totally unpredictable and gory ending is loads of fun, and it's well worth suffering through Death Spa's more tedious moments in order to fully savour the complete and utter madness of the film's final moments.

Reviewed by shark-43 6 / 10

Laughable Bad 1980's Gorefest

Wow - this movie is fun and bad all at the same time. I'm amazed at how many people rent "horror" movies expecting them to actually be good - good in a sense of a strong story, decent plot, top notch acting and true scary moments - don't they realize that for every truly good horror film (and they are rare) there are fifty bad ones? And out of those fifty bad ones, there are maybe ten that rise to a new level - ones that are so bad that they are entertaining for all the wrong reasons - ridiculous script, bad acting, lame music and horrible directing. DEATH SPA is one of those - they rip-off many other movies including CARRIE, The EXORCIST and actually another murder spree in a gym movie, KILLER WORKOUT. Now Killer Workout is actually more fun and more lame but Death Spa has some hilarious moments. DEfinitely worth checking out for you fans of cheesy and laughable horror movies.

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