Black Mass


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
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Dakota Johnson as Lindsey Cyr
Johnny Depp as James 'Whitey' Bulger
Benedict Cumberbatch as Billy Bulger
Joel Edgerton as John Connolly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by urthpainter 5 / 10


If you like slow, plodding movies full of unlikeable characters, by all means gear up for this sleep inducing film. Goodfellas is an action movie compared to Black Mass.

There are a few good qualities here: top shelf production, excellent acting, a clear, concise story of characters making poor choices - leading to predictable consequences.

But who cares? There's no entertainment here! None of these characters are worth giving a damn about, and the few sporadic scenes that offer any true value sit like islands on a still horizonless sea.

But I learned something... Really? This might be the number one reason to sit through this boring expanse, and the info is not worth it. The scumbags are scumbags, the protagonist is a weak, shallow excuse for a law enforcer, and the other surrounding characters are bland at best (including Benedict, who for all his talent, brings nothing of note to an already white bread affair). Speaking of white bread - No culture what-so-ever, and often these fat, out of shape gangsters look absurd in their early 80's sunglasses and attire. There will be no awards given for costuming or make-up here. True Depp is transformed with prosthetics, but as a friend and I joked - his character is far exceeded by the likes of Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder.

If you've seen the trailer, you've been robbed of one of the films three or four memorable moments. Interestingly, all of these good scenes are just spice to the meat of the film. This is not a good thing! When the main arc is dull, the violence (while realistic) lacks stylistic punctuation, and the constant voice overs are delivered with apathy... one wonders what the hell the director was thinking!

Waste of time, even for fans of actors involved.

my score? a disappointingly average 5 out of 10.

Reviewed by texshelters 7 / 10

Black Mass is a decent film, but it could have been great.

Black Mass: A Near Miss

'Black Mass' is another is a line of crime dramas set in Boston. The film will inevitable be compared to 'The Departed.' And it falls short in the comparison. The acting is top rate, and Depp is much better, not as hammy, than the comic portrait of a crime boss by Nicholson in 'The Departed.' Depp is genuinely threatening in the film and the make-up job given him in the film adds to the fright.

'Black Mass' has the look of a 70s television show, and that works in its favor. In fact, the overall look of the film is exquisite. That, and the acting, are the two best things in the film. However, the movie is both too much and not enough.

'Black Mass' tries to cover too much and thus it lacks focus. This is where 'The Departed' succeeds. While 'The Departed' has many layers and character, it has a focus: the Southie, Billy. 'Black Mass' doesn't have a main theme, a main character, a main protagonist or antagonist. There are a bunch of characters in tense situations with some irony and symbolism. However, in the end, there is nothing to hold onto, no lessons, no emotions, love or hate, for any characters.

As I was watching, both my film buddy and I thought the same thing: Scorsese could have made this story work with his writing and directing. We also thought that in an era of long- form television that it could have made a great 10-20 episode show. Then it could have gone into depth about the childhood relationships between crime boss Bulger, his FBI friend Connolly and Whitey's brother, State Senator Billy Bulger.

As miniseries, it could have more deeply explored the racial tensions between the Irish and Italians with the African Americans stuck in the middle. It could have taken a deeper look into Boston politics and corruption, police corruption, and more. The miniseries could have also gone further into the Irish American funding of the IRA. As it was, it touched on each of those issues in an unsatisfactory fashion. If the film had taken a deeper look into any ONE of those themes, it would have made for a better movie.

Rating: Matinée

For the great look and outstanding acting, I suggest you see it on the big screen. Otherwise, wait for the miniseries. Hey, a man can dream.

Peace, Tex Shelters

Reviewed by thechristopherpennington 6 / 10

What was the point?

I swear to God I really really wanted to like this movie. I am kind of a fan of Bulger's for some sick reason and I felt like Johnny Depp was appropriately menacing and weird looking and did a good job with making the Violence believable. What failed was the writing. There is never really any attention paid to why Whitey was Whitey or how he got to be Whitey or why he wanted to be Whitey. His kid is dead his marriage ruined and he is just accumulating money to accumulate money? Why? He apparently has no vices to speak of except giving money to con men from the IRA. The whole thing just makes no sense. The whole thing just seemed apathetic.It could have been a real classic but they fornicated with the puppy yet again. It was just Depp looking weird and enjoying a WHitey Halloween costume while he strangled hookers and killed informants. Thanks Hollywood. I suspect you can blame the producers.

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